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Design trend 2020: 3D Illustrations

Let's start this week with one of the most popular design trends of 2020: 3D Illustrations. We have compiled a list of 39 beautiful examples found on Dribbble. Which 3D illustration is your favorite? 🤙

Design trend 2020: 3D Illustrations
Forgotten Temple

1. Forgotten Temple

by Roman Klčo

Community 3D Illustrations

2. Community 3D Illustrations

by Damien Da Costa

Cute Frog

4. Cute Frog

by Mathieu L.B

Merry Christmas !

5. Merry Christmas !

by Léa Poisson

Happy Puppy

6. Happy Puppy

by Pitch

Mystery Shack

7. Mystery Shack

by Roman Klčo

Tesla Cybertruck

8. Tesla Cybertruck

by Gustavo Zambelli

Firefight in war room environment

9. Firefight in war room environment

by Udhaya Chandran

Geometry and Nature

10. Geometry and Nature

by Olga Deeva

Do we hold hands or something?

11. Do we hold hands or something?

by Adrian Przetocki

Modern barn

12. Modern barn

by Krzysztof Zgoda

Access to Technology

13. Access to Technology

by Udhaya Chandran

Hi, Dribbble!

14. Hi, Dribbble!

by 3Decadence

Low Poly - Yacht

15. Low Poly - Yacht

by Elen Winata

Rubik's Cube

16. Rubik's Cube

by Lina Artista

Colorful Butterfly

17. Colorful Butterfly

by Mathieu L.B


18. Workspace

by Natalia

Old cassette player

19. Old cassette player

by Evgeniy

Sushi Family

20. Sushi Family

by Roger Roque ID

Folder Icon

21. Folder Icon

by Martin David

Gocolor Color Theory 🌈

22. Gocolor Color Theory 🌈

by Sebastian Jungbluth

Maritime Metaball Clay

23. Maritime Metaball Clay

by Fabrizio Boni

Astronauts concept

24. Astronauts concept

by Mateusz Turbiński

Knight Sword

25. Knight Sword

by Mathieu L.B

Specify : Icons

26. Specify : Icons

by Romain Briaux

Little Tree

27. Little Tree

by Mathieu L.B


28. CommUNITY

by Jeremy Woons (Ueno)

They seen me rollin'

29. They seen me rollin'

by Anna Kajda

Sliced style skull

30. Sliced style skull

by Eduard Leszczynski


31. Nook

by Joanna


32. Polywork

by Roman Klčo


33. Road

by Marc Gianelli

Black and White Gorilla Bunnies

34. Black and White Gorilla Bunnies

by Mohamed Chahin


35. Facebook

by Brian Moon


36. Cashbox

by Andrey Tsialeha

Voyage voyage

37. Voyage voyage

by Jérémy Noble

Graph Monsters

38. Graph Monsters

by Anna Kajda (Pitch)

Oops I spilled it

39. Oops I spilled it

by Dennis Snellenberg

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