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38 Inspiring COVID-19 Illustrations

To help our fellow designers through these lonely days, we've compiled a list of outstanding COVID-19 illustrations 🦠. We hope this list will give you an inspiring boost. Stay at home, and stay save.

38 Inspiring COVID-19 Illustrations
Stay At Home

1. Stay At Home

by Lizzie Morgan

Stay healthy and wear masks

2. Stay healthy and wear masks

by Catalyst

Wash your f*cking hands

3. Wash your f*cking hands

by Luis Del Castillo

Coronavirus Icons

4. Coronavirus Icons

by James Round

COVID-19 Egg

5. COVID-19 Egg

by Justas Galaburda

Quarantine & Chill

6. Quarantine & Chill

by Chloe White

Eric Pavik

7. Eric Pavik

by The Great Indoors

Clean Club

8. Clean Club

by Ryan Magalhaes

Stay At Home

9. Stay At Home

by Roger Roque ID

Hand Washing Meditation

10. Hand Washing Meditation

by Meg Lewis

Quarantine buddies

11. Quarantine buddies

by MishaX

Another day indoors

12. Another day indoors

by Olga Semkło

COVID-19 Stickers

13. COVID-19 Stickers

by Chris van Rooyen

The Great Indoors!

14. The Great Indoors!

by Matt Brown

How to navigate brand decisions during COVID-19

15. How to navigate brand decisions during COVID-19

by Sebastian Abboud

Short summary of 2020!

16. Short summary of 2020!

by Turgay Mutlay


17. Isolation

by zara magumyan

Stay home

18. Stay home

by Karolina Kędzierska

Jessie Maisonneuve

19. Jessie Maisonneuve

by Pavel Trávníček

Cute Corona!

20. Cute Corona!

by Justas Galaburda

Be Negative

21. Be Negative

by Bryan Vectorartist

Stay at home Board Game

22. Stay at home Board Game

by David Sierra

Pandemic Heroes-P1

23. Pandemic Heroes-P1

by Mustafa Kural

Stay Safe

24. Stay Safe

by Alfrey Davilla

Good Thymes Inside

25. Good Thymes Inside

by Sonia Coughlan


26. Covid-19

by Enisaurus

Kill Em' With Cleanliness

27. Kill Em' With Cleanliness

by Chris Meier


28. R2-D2

by Caseyillustrates

Fight on Brave Doctors

29. Fight on Brave Doctors

by Ollie Farthing

Stay Home

30. Stay Home

by Iryna Neyman

Stay Home

31. Stay Home

by Solechan


32. Leftovers

by Sebastian Abboud

IKEA | Home office

33. IKEA | Home office

by Olga Gurova

2020 be like

34. 2020 be like

by Anjul Dandekar

Scientist, the King of Spades.

35. Scientist, the King of Spades.

by SixtyFire

Mask Design Idea N°1

36. Mask Design Idea N°1

by Jessie Maisonneuve

Flatten the Curve

37. Flatten the Curve

by Eric Pavik

Stay Home, Keep Hope

38. Stay Home, Keep Hope

by Tracy Niven

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