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15 Inspiring Illustration Styles in 2020

In today's blog post, Blush compiled 15 different style illustrations that they came across while exploring new trends. We hope this collection of illustrations stimulates your creativity 👋.

15 Inspiring Illustration Styles in 2020
The Midnight Gospel by @juanchostyler

1. The Midnight Gospel

by @juanchostyler

Power Moves by @isabela.humphrey

2. Power Moves

by @isabela.humphrey

AI and ML by @julia_hanke

3. AI and ML

by @julia_hanke

Happy Bunch by @pablostanley

4. Happy Bunch

by @pablostanley

Test style-frame by @anni_tett

5. Test style-frame

by @anni_tett

Cool Kids by @irenefalgueras

6. Cool Kids

by @irenefalgueras

Homepage by @katie.gorbacheva

7. Homepage

by @katie.gorbacheva

Big Shoes by @elina_ce

8. Big Shoes

by @elina_ce

Roller Girl by @zeljka.illustrates

9. Roller Girl

by @zeljka.illustrates

Casual Fridays by @eynonjones

10. Casual Fridays

by @eynonjones

Enjoy the moment by @semklo.design

11. Enjoy the moment

by @semklo.design

Portland Life by @magovee

12. Portland Life

by @magovee

Smells like summer by @itsacat.studio

13. Smells like summer

by @itsacat.studio

3D guys by @giulia.illustration

14. 3D guys

by @giulia.illustration

Organic Nature by @sue.art.studio

15. Organic Nature

by @sue.art.studio

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