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Frequently asked questions

  • What happens after I’ve submitted my work?

    After you’ve successfully submitted your work we’ll review your submission. If we see fit on the selected channel we’ll get in touch. Keep in mind that a reply on your submission may take a day or two.

    If you don’t receive a reply, we’re sorry to disappoint, your submission was not selected to be featured.

  • Why do you ask a fee for submissions?

    Selecting the best content for the Welovedaily channels takes time. With the revenue we gain from submissions we are able to cover expenses such as hosting and server costs.

  • How do you handle payments?

    We handle payments via a PayPal link. When your work is selected we will get in touch via email. Attached to this email we will add the payment link. Reviewing of the submissions can take 1-2 days. At the moment we only handle payment via PayPal.

  • What’s the difference between a Regular and a Pro submission?

    With a Regular submission, you will get one post on one of the 4 channels. You’ll be mentioned in the description with name and your Instagram handle.

    With a Pro submission you will get the same as a Regular submission plus the following benefits; more screen real-estate, your branding will be included in the post and you’ll be tagged for even faster engagement options for our audience.

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  • How should I deliver my project?

    We appreciate it if projects get delivered via one of the following platforms: Instagram, Behance or Dribbble. Of course links to portfolio websites are also welcome.

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  • Which Instagram accounts do you manage?

    We manage the following Instagram accounts;

    Content regarding web, app and User Interface design we post on the account @welovewebdesign. This is currently our biggest account. Everything regarding the visual appearance of a brand, wether it’s online or offline we’ll post on @welovebranding. On @weloveillustration we post different styles of artwork and illustrations.
 Lastly we also manage @weloveanimations, it may be the smallest but it has the biggest ‘viral’ possibility. With short snippets of delightful animations we are trying to brighten up our followers’ day.

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